Deep Dive Review

Do you want to know for sure whether your accounting records adhere to best practices? What are the areas of concern that need to be straightened out? 


A deep dive review is a thorough review of your bookkeeping set-up and practices along with an analysis for accuracy. This is a crucial element prior to beginning a bookkeeping engagement.

During this review I will be evaluating the accuracy of your current data. What I'm looking for at this point is if everything is in line with best-practices and audit processes. If everything seems in order, we can move on to the next step knowing we are working with accurate numbers. If I find issues with your current accounting, I will make recommendations to fix the issues, streamline your processes, and maintain the integrity of your data.

Specific deliverables include:

  • Deep Dive Review of your bookkeeping records, focusing on the balance sheet. 

    • 23 points are reviewed, with a green / yellow / red score given per point. 

    • Customized report provided to you, with a description given per point to advise of findings and how to fix it. 

    • One-on-one meeting to review findings and optional next steps. ​


Let's get started! Contact Pathfinder Bookkeeping & Tax to book an appointment for your Deep Dive Review. You can either call us or book online