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Ongoing Bookkeeping

If you are established business, we can complete your regular processing. This can be completed either onsite at your office, or offsite at our office. Regular processing typically ranges from 2 days per week to a few hours per month. Bookkeeping needs usually vary from client to client, and we are able to customize our services to meet your needs. 

At the end of your processing period, you will be presented with a set of interim financial statements and a processing recap, so that you know how your business is performing and how to increase your profit. 

Pathfinder’s range of bookkeeping services include: 

Accounts Receivable

Enter sales invoices & payments, reconcile accounts receivable, chase overdue accounts. 


Process payroll, pay staff and manage source deductions.


Pay and process bills, HST, source deductions, & loans.

End of Year

Reconciling wages, tax and source deductions before filing PD7As and T4's.

Accounts Payable

Enter vendor invoices, pay bills, enter payments, reconcile accounts payable.

Bank Accounts

Process bank fees, interest, direct deposits and e-transfers.


Reconcile banks, credit cards, taxes (including HST), and loans.


Monthly balance sheet, income statement and other reports as required. 

Contact Pathfinder today to discuss how we can help you Know your Numbers and Grow Your Profit. 

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