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Ongoing Bookkeeping

Isn't it time to get more money from your business? 

Ongoing Bookkeeping is the third step in taking control of your money to start uncovering more money in your business. 

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'Having a good idea' of where your money goes is not enough if you want to live a better life

An accurate financial picture of your business is the fastest way to relieve stress of wondering if you're making the right money decisions today, and for the future. 

We can help you uncover more money and more time for you

A repeatable 30-DAY process to record your revenue and expenses, and reconcile key accounts. 

How does it help? 

Get clear on your revenue, expenses and goals.

Understand what's working and what needs some fixing. 

No more surprises! Stay on top of what you have for bills, who owes you money and your tax obligations to CRA. 

What are your options?

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Full Service Bookkeeping

We take care of everything! Ideal for the busy business owner who is short on time. We take care of the paperwork, pay your bills, send out your invoices and ensure CRA is always paid.   


Monthly  Bookkeeping

Most of our clients are monthly. Each month, we receive your paperwork and complete the required entries. This includes: payroll, expenses, revenue, accounts payable and receivable,  reconciliations and reporting. At the end of each month, you will receive a customized report with an easy-to-understand breakdown of your financials. You will also receive a copy of your interim financial statements. 


Annual Bookkeeping

If your revenue is less than $100,000 per year, you do not have payroll, AND you file your HST once a year, we most likely only need to see you once a year.

Hi I'm Julie

I believe you want to spend more time doing the things you love. You didn’t start your business to spend your evenings and weekends doing paperwork. There is often an unspoken frustration with working so hard and still wondering, 'Is it even worth it?'

I get it. I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, and watched my parents sacrifice family and personal time for the business. I vowed to never make that mistake, and now I help other business owners avoid that pitfall.

That's why I started my business. When you no longer have to carry the burden of doing your paperwork, you will feel relief in having the time and energy to concentrate on doing what you love.

We want your business to grow but more importantly we want to help you simplify your paperwork, streamline your bookkeeping and experience the benefit of more money and time for the people and things that matter to you.


How it Works


  • Upload it using your phone

  • Email it to the office

  • Text it to our office team

  • Drop it off in our drop box

  • Schedule an appointment to meet in person to review your paperwork.


  • Recording of invoices, bills and expenses.

  • Reconciliation of bank and credit card accounts

  • Reconciliation of Square, Stripe and other 3rd party payment gateways. 

  • Calculation of HST and payroll remittances due.


  • An easy-to-understand email outlining how the business is performing.

  • Get clarity on what you owe to CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) 

  • Stay on top of who owes you money 

  • Ensure you are receiving and paying your bills. 

Contact Pathfinder today to discuss how we can help you Know your Numbers and Grow Your Profit. 

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