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Organize your paperwork,
File your HST on time &

Put more money (& time)
in your pocket

Bookkeeping & Profit Strategies
Yarmouth, Shelburne & Digby Counties

Relieve Stress

Save Time

Make More Money

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You work hard. 
So where's all the money?

Stop losing money to hidden costs in your business.

Start uncovering the profit you need to live a better life.

Our team can help you


  • Understand your starting point

  • Catch up on overdue taxes

  • Sort out issues with CRA

  • Take control of your paperwork

  • Get clear on your profits


  • Organize your paperwork

  • Schedule your tax payments

  • Automate customer payments

  • Set-up automatic bill payments

  • Invoice your customers regularly


  • Uncover areas of profit

  • Budget for big purchases

  • Manage your labour costs

  • Minimize your overhead

  • Get paid on time

"Julie, thank you for all you have done for us and all you are doing for us.
It is very much appreciated."

Yarmouth Business Owner, April 2022

Why use Pathfinder?

We understand your needs. 

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  • We understand the challenges of doing business in rural Atlantic Canada. We love it here!  We specialize in helping business owners know their numbers and grow their profit.

  • We've helped small and large local businesses weather the storm of unpredictable cashflow and the changing economy - all while meeting payroll each week. 

We have the experience

  • Your bookkeeping is completed to the same level of accuracy and consistency, each and every month. How? We document all our processes and follow the standards of Pure Bookkeeping Systems.

  • We have experience in over 20 industries; supporting businesses  that have up to 50 employees and revenue over 3 million. 

We get results

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  • We take the time to understand your business and your goals so we can help you meet them.

  • Every 90-days our Profit Plan customers pay themselves a cash bonus! (on the books.) It's our goal to help our clients earn cash profits within 30-days of starting your Profit Plan.

How does it work? 

1. We get your bookkeeping caught up. 

2. We get your paperwork
in order. 

3. We put more money in your pocket with your Profit Plan.

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Ready to get started? 
Let's meet for a coffee at your table or mine

I thought I had a "good enough" handle on my bookkeeping before I met Julie. I quickly realized that I really didn't. Julie not only knows her stuff, she also genuinely cares about me and my business's financial success.

  • Are you taking on new clients?
    Yes! We love taking on new clients and helping business owners reach their goals. If you would like to meet to find out what it's like working together, click on the "let's meet" link to schedule an appointment.
  • I'm behind on my taxes - can you help me?
    Yes, we can! We frequently help new clients get caught up on their HST and payroll submissions in order to satisfy CRA reporting requirements. We also help clients get their bookkeeping caught up, so that their CPA can now file their year-end and corporate tax return (T2).
  • I own a small business. Are you the right fit for me?
    Maybe! Pathfinder Bookkeeping & Profit Strategies is a small organization. I (Julie Walters, owner & profit strategist) personally oversee every one of our accounts, and I am committed to providing excellence to every client who invests with us, acting not only as a bookkeeper but also as a strategic partner to help each client increase their profitability. To sustain the highest level of service our clients expect and I demand, it necessitates that we ensure the clients we serve are committed to growth and profitability. Based on our experience, if you do not yet have employees then monthly bookkeeping is probably not what you need at this point in time. However, if you do not have employees but still feel you need monthly bookkeeping, I would love to setup a time for us to meet and chat about how Pathfinder might be of service to you. Click on let's meet to book an appointment.
  • I’m using Square, and I want to link it to my accounting software. Can you help me?
    For sure! We work with Square, Stripe, Squarespace, Dubsado, Housecall Pro, Wix Restaurants and a variety of other point of sale systems. As part of our clean up and ongoing bookkeeping services, we make sure your point of sale and invoicing systems are reporting correctly. If they aren't, or if they need to be integrated with your accounting software, we will help you straighten it out.
  • Can you help me with my payroll?
    We sure can! Payroll is included in our monthly bookkeeping package. This includes calculating paycheques and remittances due to CRA. We also work with payroll providers to setup direct deposit for your employees.
  • What is Profit First?
    "Profit First" is a best-selling book by Mike Michaelowicz. The book presents a framework for businesses to manage their money but putting profit...first. Pathfinder works one-on-one with clients to customize this system for them. For more info, check out "Profit Plan."
  • When is your next bookkeeping bootcamp?
    Typically, the bookkeeping bootcamps are held each Fall and Spring. Registration opens up a few weeks before hand, and fills up quickly!
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Download our free PDF and discover 5 ways to save money with CRA. 

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