About Us

At Pathfinder Bookkeeping, we know that you when it comes to your finances, you want to be ahead of the curve. In order to do that, you need accurate up-to-date books. 

The problem is your records are behind which makes you feel overloaded. We believe you deserve to focus on your business, not your bookkeeping. We understand how it feels to hate paperwork, which is why, since 2019 we have helped our clients with this. Our clients say "thank you for all you have done and are doing for us. It is very much appreciated." 

Here's how we do it: 
1. We chat and discuss your goals 
2. We catch-up your books 
3. Breathe easy - you'll get regular updates from us as we take over the day-to-day record keeping

Book a call. So you can stop getting further behind and get peace of mind.

Pathfinder is a bookkeeping & personal tax firm serving Atlantic Canada. We specialize in helping business owners know their numbers to grow their profit. Our office is located in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. 


Team Standards

At Pathfinder Bookkeeping & Tax, all our bookkeepers & tax specialists are required to meet four standards – education, experience, testing & training.

This includes:


Why do we have team standards? It is for your benefit. You can rest assured that your bookkeeping is completed to the same level of accuracy and consistency, each and every time. 

Serving Business in Southwestern Nova Scotia

From Yarmouth to Queens, Meteghan to Woods Harbour, Digby & Carelton, and all points in between, we serve clients throughout all of southwestern Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada. 

Our physical office is located at 1021 Route #1, Hebron, Yarmouth County. If you are not able to visit our office in person, we have many remote solutions available, making it seamless for your bookkeeping to be completed. This includes a secure portal with Office 365, HubDoc, Receipt Bank, Sage Drive and Quick Books Online

Co-located with a CPA

Pathfinder shares office space with a CPA firm, T Grandy CPA Inc. This gives our clients the unique advantage of obtaining qualified bookkeeping & tax services from industry professionals who have an ongoing working relationships with Chartered Professional Accountants

About the Owner









Hey there, I’m Julie Walters.

Most days you can find me balancing growing my business against raising my son and spending time with my husband.

People often refer to me as Julie or Jule, but my legal name is Julia…I don’t often go by it, and if you call me Julia, it most likely means we met in grade primary.

I love serving the world by helping businesses grow. When businesses prosper, a community prospers, and so do its residents.

I work with people who desire to grow their business and make more money. I am lucky to show them how their expenses, revenue and cash flow all relate to their profit. It is a great day when you can help someone figure out their breakeven point, monthly sales targets, and develop a strategy to see more money deposited into their bank account more quickly.

When I’m not busy working on bookkeeping and personal tax returns, you can catch me camping with my family or planning our next vacation. We tented for fifteen years but in 2019 we finally upgraded to a camper. What a luxury!

If you’re dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me:

  1. I am a Certified Quick Books Online Pro Advisor.

  2. I love to dress up for Halloween. My husband and I are the reigning champions at our friend’s epic Halloween parties.

  3. I was an exchange student with Rotary International in 1998-1999, and lived in St Gallen, Switzerland.

  4. I hate scary movies.

  5. I love to go four-wheeling.

Still here? Let’s connect! Send me an email or give me a call.