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Bookkeeping Bootcamp

Julie Walters, the owner of Pathfinder Bookkeeping & Profit Strategies, is a certified workplace education instructor with the Province of Nova Scotia. Julie loves to teach! Julie brings her energy and enthusiasm to teach business owners the ropes of getting a bookkeeping routine in place. has developed several workshops and training programs which are designed to introduce new and established business owners to the world of financial management, bookkeeping and tax preparedness.


Each workshop includes a mixture of bookkeeping theory, hands-on training and an individual assessment.


CBDCs, Chambers of Commerce, tourism associations and trade associations are encouraged to contact Pathfinder directly for more information on each workshop, and to book Julie to deliver some informative and engaging training for your group!

Financial Statements

Workshop Length: One Day

What on earth is a financial statement and why is it important? This workshop introduces attendees to the two main financial reports they will see in their business: the balance sheet and the income statement. Attendees will learn why these are important, what information the reports contain, and how to analyze the reports.


Workshop Length: One Day

Yikes! You know you need to do bookkeeping, but where to start? Should you keep paper records, or use computer software? This workshop reviews the pros and cons of each option, and introduces the major software programs available in Canada. Attendees will evaluate their options, and make a decision for their business based upon their individual needs and budget.

Bookkeeping Basics

Workshop Length: One - Two Days (can be customized)

What are the elements of a good bookkeeping routine? This workshop introduces walks attendees through what is needed in order to produce healthy bookkeeping records. Accounts payable and receivables, bank reconciliations, payroll and source deductions and HST calculations; each topic is discussed and dissected. Attendees learn how to improve their own bookkeeping records in measurable steps.

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Workshop Length: One Day

What technology tools can you use to make your bookkeeping more manageable? This workshop includes a review of the current options available for Canadian businesses, and helps attendees assess whether they are a fit for their business. An implementation plan is also introduced. Each attendee is required to bring a laptop.

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Tax Returns

Workshop Length: One Day

What taxes do businesses need to file, and when do they need to be filed? This workshop gives a high-level overview of the various tax obligations encountered by most businesses in Atlantic Canada. Personal tax returns (T1s), focusing on sole-proprietors, rental income and fishing income is given particular attention. Attendees learn what to do in order to prepare to file taxes, and the pitfalls to avoid.

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