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Personal Tax Returns

Each Spring, Canadians are required to file their personal tax returns (known as T1s) with the government of Canada. This is a big undertaking for any individual, and it’s important that your tax return is filed correctly and on time. All individuals in Canada should employ the services of a professional to file your taxes. 


Tax regulations change each year, and Pathfinder Bookkeeping & Tax ensures that we stay on top of the changing rules related to filing your taxes.


Anyone who is filing as a self-employed individual (sole proprietor, partner, fisher, farmer, or who has rental income) should employ the services of a professional to file your taxes. At Pathfinder, we work with you to claim all eligible expenses, while also ensuring you stay within CRA’s regulations.

Pathfinder's Process


Many first time clients are unsure of what they need to file their taxes; we will provide you with a customized “homework” list after meeting with you, so that you know what documents to find, and also understand what we are and aren’t able to claim for your family & business. Together, we set a due date for your homework, and once everything has been received, we meet to file your return. During this meeting, we review the return with you and also discuss various tax saving strategies you can employ in future years.

Pathfinder's founder, Julie Walters, is a Distinguished Financial Advisor: Personal Tax Specialist. This designation required the compeletion of six courses dedicated to personal tax preparation in Canada, in additional to ongoing professional development each year. 

To book an appointment to drop off your tax return information, you can either call the office at 902-774-3394 or book online.

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