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Hospitality & Tourism

The founder of Pathfinder Bookkeeping & Tax, Julie Walters, is a tourism expert. She has led a distinguished career in the hospitality industry, focusing on reservation management, food costing, back office administration and reporting. Pathfinder is pleased to put these skills to use, in order to help you better understand how your business is performing and increase your profit.


Specific services for the hospitality industry include:

  • Night audit reviews (routines, reporting, cash and deposit balancing, integration of reservation system & PMS reporting)

  • Reconciling revenue captured in reservation system(s) against revenue captured in your bookkeeping system

  • Analysis of revenue and expenses against industry standard ratios

  • Programming of online & desktop reservation systems, including accounting integrations

  • Integrations of Point-of-Sale systems to accounting programs (i.e.: QBO), and/or development of reporting routines to properly capture revenue, payments and tips.


Not sure if your numbers are correct? Do you want to save time and do less manual reporting?

Contact Pathfinder Bookkeeping & Tax today. We are hospitality experts, and are ready to put these skills to work for you. 

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